AccessWatch Analysis
Period from August 30, 2000 at 3 pm
to August 30, 2001 at 2 pm

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During this period, there were 9357 accesses and 20637 hits. Each vistor viewed an average of 2.0 pages and downloaded 12.9 kilobytes. Hosts visited WWW Red OTRI an average of 2.7 times, for a total of 4706 unique visits by 1728 unique hosts.

There were 0.5 visits per hour, and a sustained rate of 2.4 hits per hour.

Of these visits, 1298 (27.6%) originated from URV, and 3408 (72.4%) were from outside networks.

WWW Red OTRI served 59.5 megabytes of information during this time period.

Count% of total
Accesses from URV 2583 27.6% *****
Outside Accesses 6774 72.4% *************
Total Accesses 9357100% *****************
Total hits on site 20637

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